Omega Teacups is the home of Jake and the four legged children.

We are a small show kennel dedicated to producing a blend of type, soundness and temperament in our Teacup Puppies(Yorkie, Pomeranian & Maltese). We plan each litter very carefully, taking into consideration not only the health, temperament and quality of the sire and dam, but also that of several generations. All of our puppies are raised under foot in our home. Not every puppy in a litter will be show quality and occasionally we will have puppies available to approved families as loving companions.

All of our companion puppies are sold only on a spay/neuter contract and are never released to their new homes until the age of 10-12 weeks. We are very proud of what we have bred and accomplished over the years including our Three Time Best in Show winner and Best in Specialty winner Ch. Flashfires Pretty Boy Floyd. This was/is a breeders dream and proves that dreams do come true.

Please take a moment and visit our website and meet some of our special dogs old and new. If you have any questions or want more information please use the contact page. We are members of the American Kennel Club, The Benton Kennel Club, the St Paul Maltese Club (currently President) and the Yorkie Club of America. We are also a Breeder of Merit.

Who We Are
Omega Teacups is a small breeding kennel that is run by Jake and has been operating since 1990. Recently, Jake McLaughlin has been recognized by AKC as a Breeder of Merit!

His 3 sons have shown since they were 3 yrs old. They have grown and become adults, but their experiences helped all of the family develop in many ways. They have taught us good sportsmanship and presentation skills. They taught us patience and perseverance. Jake continues to show and encourage other children and families to enjoy their dogs in the show rings. One of her sons worked for a kennel that trained police dogs while attending college. He also trained hunting dogs.

Mostly, Jake raises teacups for the love of the breed. She loves to watch them run and play. She enjoys showing them in the conformation ring. She helps families to find the right puppy for their homes.

Jake is a professional dog show handler with certification as an Animal Specialist, Dog Groomer, and more. She has knowledge of puppy health, pedigrees, and other issues that she is willing to share.

Jake is also a Special Education Teacher and a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She has a wide range of experience and ability to work with all ages and levels of educational ability. She has worked as an Interpreter for the Deaf.

The motto of the responsible breeder of purebred dogs is


Every dog is the best dog in the world to its owner. Responsible breeders, however, know to avoid “KENNEL BLINDNESS”

Omega Teacups we show exhibit our teacups against other top teacups so that we guard against “KENNEL BLINDNESS”

in other words, we take a step back and honestly evaluate the good and bad points of our puppies before making the decision to breed.

The goal of breeding, after all, is to produce a better dog and a quality pet; We examine our puppies carefully. Recognize their flaws, look for a mate that will eliminate or balance those flaws.
When selecting a breeding pair, there is a simple principle we bear in mind: mate animals that complement one another.

Choosing dogs whose bloodlines will strengthen weaknesses and emphasize good qualities.

Of course, practicing this common sense maxim can be very complex because you must weigh all the factors that contribute to the puppy’s traits and appearances.

This is an area where research and the advice and experience of other breeders are invaluable source of information and where we work with our Co-Breeder, Basil Lyons of Mango’s Yorkies.

Two vital factors we keep in mind as we make our selections are temperament and health.

Temperament is a hereditary trait in ALL dogs, although it can be influenced by other external factors.

Selection over many generations eventually produced dog breeds with the correct temperament to pull sleds, follow scent on trails, or retrieve game. The inheritance factors of temperament are complex.

However, we never breed a Yorkie Pomeranian or Maltese with a questionable temperament.

As far as health goes, we are aware that teacups, like ALL dogs, are subject to many hereditary defects, some of which are potentially crippling or fatal.

Our goal is to produce Yorkies, Poms & maltese that are not affected by the major known hereditary diseases occurring in our wonderful breed.

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