• Here are just a few tips:

Many puppy scams originate in Africa. Africa is a red flag- period.

Puppy Scams are online scams run by organized criminals. This scam is being run at an industrial level with some criminal groups creating 1000s of free classified ads to convince consumers to part with their money. Commonly called a “Puppy Scam”, this scam can use kittens, horses, tortoises or any other pets as bait not just dogs.

A scammer can target 50 people at a time. They use a series of “canned” responses which they copy and paste when replying to you. The emails are long and verbose asking questions and answering questions you have not asked. They will never give a short curt or direct answer.

The pet is mostly being offered for adoption the scammer will con their victims into giving about $250 in the first part of the scam.

These people say they are in the United States but they are communicating by computer from many parts of the world. It’s called Relay Fraud, in which someone claiming to be deaf or speech impaired. This allows the scammer to hide his true location and identity.​

Never “just pay for shipping”. This is a common scam. Nothing good comes so easy. Preferably pay for your puppy from a reputable breeder and get a free shipping offer not get a puppy for free and pay for shipping because it is easier for someone closer to adopt a free puppy but might be costly for someone nearby to purchase a puppy so there’s no need for someone to ship a puppy that is up for free adoption.

Reverends and ministers and people claiming to be affiliated with religious organizations or can’t keep puppies anymore due to illness or a new job are red flags.

Puppy breeders that claim they have sold to many famous people can be red flags. There’s no need for that if you are good you are good and you don’t need evidence to.

Just because there have a few pictures don’t assume there is a real puppy. Anyone can copy or clone a puppy picture.


  • Adopting a pet

Adopting a pet is a major red lag unless it is from a recommended breeder

or pet shop. Be skeptical of free ad sites

  • Free pets

Generally these pets are never free but rather a ruse

to let you pay for shipping which is the first stage of the rip-off

  • The responses you get

Reputable breeders will like to make sure their puppies are safe

and taken care of unlike these scammers with intent to take your money


Although this is a difficult issue for law enforcement, several pet scam thieves have been arrested recently through our assistance and the reports of our clients.

What we assure you therefore is complete transparency, a support for all victims of internet fraud especially the pet scam. And moreover, we have at our disposal; law enforcement agent who can get in touch with you directly for proper investigation.

If we all can start taking steps to stop internet fraud, then the world can be a lot more safer place. We urge all our clients to start taking these measures.


These statistics are rough estimates thus are a little lower to what we’ve accomplished so far. We at James Town T-cup Puppy Joint are conscious of the risks of buying online and we have put every necessary measure in place to prevent you from being ripped off

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