September 19, 2019

Omteke Teacup Puppies Home is amazing! I was skeptical at first about buying a puppy online. They walked me threw everything from A to Z. They made sure I was comfortable with each & every decision before I made my final decision. I got to talk to the breeders, see the parents of the puppy, and they guarantee the health of your puppy ! What else could you ask for!! Totally pleased with my little fur baby Josie Grace !!! Just love her to pieces !

September 7, 2019
We can’t say enough about the Yorkie puppy we found though Omteke Teacup Puppies Home. We have had him since May of 2019 and he has been pure joy. He was known as Ewinn and the breeder Jake is the best. He is wonderful and we love him so much. He was 10 weeks old when he came to live with us and having been born on a farm came well adjusted to our 3 cats and 4 pet geese. Thank You for connecting us with our Blinken. John and Romaine Romeo, Bishopville, MD

John and Romaine Romeo

September 4, 2019
I found my first baby boy 4 years ago and purchased him from Jake. He is the most perfect little dog and I have adored him since the second I laid my eyes on him. He is my furry soulmate. My new furbaby is Ruger, the Yorkie.  He is a darling! One of the most well mannered pups I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Thank you for giving loving furbaby parents a place to find the perfect puppy!


August 27, 2019
I purchased Daffodil (we kept her given name) from Jake over 1  week ago and we all couldn’t be happier. She is such a little sweetheart with an amazing personality. When we visited Mr. Jake and the puppies, he was such a nice gentleman and handled the puppies very well. All the puppies were all very happy and clean, as well as their environment. I was very happy being able to meet Daffodil’s mom and she, too, was such a sweet ball of fluff. Mr. Jake had all the proper paperwork in order and was very kind. He took the time to speak with me and answered all my questions without hesitation. I highly recommend jake if you are looking for a healthy and happy puppy.


August 13, 2019
Landon came into our lives at the end of May 2014 and we could not be happier. He weighed a mere 2 lbs and was full of energy and love. Jake from whom we purchased Landon was super nice and very patient with me. I placed a minimum of 10 calls to him to ensure that Landon was indeed how he was advertised. Everything he told me was true; Landon spent the first 8 weeks of his life amongst a loving family. When we picked him up, Jake’s little ones were sad to see him go — a sign of his being loved even before we adopted him. Landon loves to cuddle and play and he is so easy to love. Now 3.2 lbs, he remains full of energy and still loves to cuddle with our whole family. We are all in love with Landon and believe that he too loves us. Everyone who has met Landon remarks that he is so well adjusted and gentle. He rolls over for everyone…even other dogs! Thank you Jake and thank you Omteke puppies for Landon. He is truly a bundle of joy.

Nathalie May

July 29, 2019
Queenie was placed in my life December 2018. She is now 10 months. I commented on the omteke puppies page to let me know when a litter of red toy Yorkies were going to be listed and sure thing they did within a couple months. That same morning I had a dream of a huge litter of yorkies which was such a coincidence. My boyfriend was able to place a deposit and I received her for Christmas of 2018. She is the sweetest puppy and is very well mannered. She LOVES attention and is very smart. My family was never dog friendly but now my entire household loves Queenie. No one can deny her cuteness! I couldn’t see my life without her. Queenie is truly a special gift. Thanks to Jake of omteke puppies for being so efficient with notifying me of the new puppy.

Phylesa Stone

July 10, 2019
Just picked up this little beauty from the airport. I drove 2 hours round trip from Rhode Island for this girl. I had read “horror” stories about “puppy mills” online about the  breeders, and the omteke breeders and Jakes family particularly; but never saw any hard evidence of abuse or neglect cited so I decided to give it a go. All of the Jake family members we met were more than nice to us, and our puppy is in spectacular shape. She is everything that was promised, and more. Very well mannered, extremely tolerant of kids, clean, up to date on all her shots, clean bill of health from the vet, and is just a joy to have. The omteke’s even held her a week and turned down other offers on the pup before they had cash in hand. They earned my respect and I hope when our new puppy is old and tired, we can get another from the same family. I think our favorite part of the whole experience was the lack of hoops we had to jump through. Some of the “adoption” centers in our area wanted more details about our life and family than we give our doctors, and their adoption processes were all unnecessarily lengthy. I’m sure they mean well, but it’s easier to have a child I than it is to adopt a dog I think, and people wonder why they have to put so many down… =- Anyway, I would obviously recommend omteke teacup puppies home and the Jakes family dogs to anyone, and I hope our new puppy is with us for many long and loving years. -Matt-


June 13, 2019
Comments:We are so happy to have found Jake and omteke Kennels. Jake helped us pick out the right mother and father for our puppy giving our puppy the right temperament for our environment. It was great. Sasha is so well adapted to us and she is more like a child than a pet. She takes to training so easily and listens very, very well, house broke in less than a month. Jake is the best straight forward and does what he says he will do. Not many like him around any more. Thank You Jake God Bless You and Yours. Its Easy to see Why all your Dogs Love you So very Much. Sincerely Terry, Rita & Sasha

Terry & Rita

May 26, 2019
My fiancé and I got Scout last July and he will be 1 year old tomorrow!! 🙂 He is nothing but a joy and literally loves to give a million kisses a day. At times he can be a little stinker but for being my first dog; amazing. He hasn’t damaged or ate anything which is unbelievable. I have so much to say about Scout but no way to word it. He’s my best buddy and I love nothing more than talking to him and have him tilt his head to the side and just look at me like, “Mom, I have no idea what you’re saying but you seem okay.” He puts a smile on my face every day and when I get home from work, my absolute favorite thing is seeing his tail wagging 100mph because I’m home and we get to hang out. Thank you Greenfield for taking care of Scout before we got him!! We absolutely adore him!


April 17, 2019
It was very easy to search for our potential puppy! We brought Weston (Wonder) home from omteke last October and he is such a great addition to our family. We lived in an apartment complex for the first couple of months before moving into our home and he was the little mayor of the complex. Everyone knew who Weston was! He has settled into our new home (with a mini yard) and loves it. Our neighbors are always making comments on his great temperament and how well behaved he is for a puppy. Our groomer also made comments about his beautiful coat. We are very happy with this experience and most of all Weston. If we decide to get Weston a sister or brother we will be finding the next family member from omteke kennels! Thank you!

Kristyn and Matt

April 14, 2019
We couldn’t be happier! We have had Chase (formally named Edmund) for a little over a month now. He is the best puppy in the world. We live in Camp Hill, and traveled to the airport to pick up Chase. The owner, Jake was amazing! He was friendly and helpful with any questions we had. Edmund was well taken care of and full of energy when we arrived to get him. We took Chase to the vet within the 10 days just to be sure and the vet said he is one of the best puppies she’s ever seen! I would recommend omteke puppy home to anyone who is looking to get a puppy! I am beyond happy with our experience!


December 3, 2018
I purchased my Yorkie baby girl Nylah (formerly Gloria) from omteke kennels in May of 2018. She is the light of my life and is so healthy. Her personality is one that shows she was raised with love around her. She is now 1 year, almost 2 years old. Jake was patient as I picked the new member of my family. It took me 45 minutes to select one puppy from the entire litter. They were all so playful with each other. One even played with a few of his children during my selection time. It was so hard to choose just one. But I finally did, and it was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.Since I purchased my girl, I have recommended omteke kennels to two other friends who were looking for family-raised puppies. They have since bought puppies (Pom and a maltese), and they are just as pleased as I. Jake of Omteke puppies is the best!

Antoinette Jordan – Columbia , MD

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